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Posted on Sunday, December 22 2002 @ 15:52 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

iRock! 530 Review
Like many of you, I cannot live life in silence. Music defines your expression, being it any genre or style of music. I can still remember the day when no one knew what a mp3 was. Now and days, it's so well known even has it defined in their database. Now there is a lot of controversy over the issue of mp3s, mainly over the issue of online peer to peer trading. As I will not go over this issue, I would like address that I nor Inside-hardware condone or approve of online peer to peer file sharing. Despite the fact that the Music industry says that this will slow cd sales, it has been reported that CD sales are up. On the flip side, sales for consumer mp3 players are also on the rise. So without further ado I present you the iRock 530 Digital Audio Player.

Review Link : Inside-Hardware

4" CCFLs Review
Cathodes are bright, operate cool, and are not only affordable but are available everywhere in twelve inch kits. But what if you need to light up an area of your case where a twelve inch kit is too large to fit? Thanks to Lamps Electronics not only are we going to look at the best lighting option for the tight spots in your case but we are also going to look at the first real "must have" cold cathode accessory... sound reactivity

Review Link : CaseModGod

P4 cooler shootout
Well I felt like running a P4 cooler shootout since I have a bunch to review. We are going to have a look on a Fanner P4 fan, Tocools Regal and the OCZ Dominator fan. They will be tested on a p4 2,4 gig cpu so this should be really intresting

Review Link : R&B Mods

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