Intel Core Duo and Solo price cuts in May

Posted on Thursday, April 20 2006 @ 18:39 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer mentions Intel will launch the new T2700 Core Duo and will cut prices on the existing lineup at the end of May:
Then, the T2600 will fall in price to $422, the T2500 to $295, the T2400 to $240, the T2300E will be introduced at $210, while the T1400 Solo will cost $210 as well.

The price cuts in the top end Core Duos are around 30 per cent for the T2600 and the T2500, with the new chip, the T2700, shuffling up to the top of the Intel notebook rack.

The mobile Celeron 390 and 380 will also get a price cut on April 23rd.

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