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Posted on Friday, January 03 2003 @ 19:03 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Antec TruePower 430W Power Supply Review
Antec is a company that is now known by enthusiasts everywhere for making high-quality inexpensive products. Antec's cases and power supplies are their best known products, and for good reason. Regular power supplies have two voltage rails: a 12v rail and a 5/3.3v rail. In their TruePower power supplies, Antec decided to split the 5/3.3v rail into two rails. By doing so, it is possible to use all of the current from the power supply. So if a computer has many PCI cards, which run off of the 5v line, the CPU, which runs off of the 3.3v line can have all the power it wants. This is especially useful for overclockers, because overclocked CPU's require more power than CPU's running at stock speed

Review Link : PCReviewspot

Appliqué Review
Appliques can turn a plain looking window into something closer resembling art. With all the color choices offered they are no longer limited to decorating windows and can be added to any bare area of your case for a truly unique look. Today we take a look at two of the more detailed design offerings from The Shattered Web to get a better feel for the quality of their product.

Review Link : CaseModGod

Compad Speed-Pad review
Do you need a new surface for your rodent? A mouse pad is a mouse pad right? You gamers know that your mouse surface just might give you the edge you need at that next lan party. I am looking at two Speed-Pads from Compad. Do they give you the performance that you would need ? Well I was impressed by the looks and preformance of these mouse surfaces. Read on and discover what I did about this awesome product!
Review Link : Furioustech
My review of the Speed-Pads can be found here

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