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Posted on Monday, January 06 2003 @ 15:27 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck introduces a new mouse mod: The Moussager
Why is it that every time I look at something that is battery powered I try and imagine it hooked up to my computer? My thought process provides for some amusing results, though. You take a mouse, add a hand-held massager, mix well, and you get the Moussager! The implications for just such a device are obvious… I have no doubt this article will be fairly technical, so if you don’t like that kind of thing, then just look at the pretty pictures. So, if you are still interested, then grab a mouse and a massager and sit back and enjoy yourself. And by the way, we are even auctioning this off!

Review Link : Extension Tech

Promise Technology FastTrak SX4000 Review
All I can say is wow, what a difference! The Promise FastTrak SX4000 comes back to smoke the HTP372 controller, and does so with slower hard drives! Take a look at the maximum read speed of 83,063kps. Notice the obvious peeks and valleys in the way the data is transferred? This looks like to me that the 256mb buffer is doing it's job at producing superior burst rates. So why didn't we see these burst rates on the 32 bit PCI slot? Obviously, the SX4000 is designed to take advantage of the superior bandwidth of a 64 bit PCI slot, even though it is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit slots. Only until now does the SX4000 show us it's true colors
Review Link : ClubOC

Fans have been used to cool mechanical/electrical equipment for a very long time. With current computers, high case temperatures are becoming more of an issue. Fans are easy to get, but who said fans have to just push air? Why can't they push out hot air and give your case a cool glow?

Review Link : Unique Hardware

irock! BLiNG MP3/CD/FM Player Review
This nifty player plays all traditional audio CDs and has a built in FM tuner! The best part about this player is that it has the ability to play MP3 CDs. That means instead of fitting 80mins of music on your CD, you can fit 700MB of music. This is usually to the extent of 150 songs

Review Link : Unique Hardware

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