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Posted on Monday, January 06 2003 @ 17:16 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Antec PLUS660AMG Pc Case Review
Antec bring us yet another enclosure for our precious PC components, this time not only is it smaller and sleeker it sports a new metallic paint job. Welcome to the future of Antec the AMG Mini Tower Case!
Review Link : Ascully

Zalman ZM80A-HP VGA Heatpipe Cooler Review
Ever wondered how a Zalman heatpipe cooler worked? Well, we tore one apart so that we could get a closer look and to tell you how this technology works. Here is a quote from the review:
Well, there you have it. If you are looking for quiet, the ZM80A-HP cannot be beat. However, it does sacrifice a slight bit of performance by not having a fan to keep it cooled. Zalman states in the manual, "You can expect satisfactory cooling performance with the product alone. ..I believe the ZM80A-HP would do extremely well with a fan added to it, as suggested by Zalman. A low noise fan would probably cool the ZM80A-HP well below the TT GF4 cooler, and something like the TT SMART Case Fan II or Vantec Tornado would work much better.

Review Link : OverclockersClub

Vantec Nexus Fan Controllers Review
Having seen several home-built rheobuses in the past I think its fair to say that out of the box the Nexus Fan Controllers looked astonishingly good. Coming in a choice of black or silver, the controllers look enormously professional and very sleek. The silver is a godsend for aluminum case owners who have previously had to compromise by either enduring the horrible appearance of beige or black hardware in their cases, or repainting the faceplates to match. Not a problem here. Your expensive Lian-Li is going to be matched perfectly. Likewise, the black model matches my Chieftec so well that if it wasn't for the tastefully printed Vantec logo, you would swear it had come with the case.

Review Link : OCAddiction

Review : Crystalfontz LCD Display Kit Model 632
This unit is a great piece of hardware for a computer-savvy geek. It’s quite the toy! With its simple installation and usage instructions it proves to be the LCD of choice by many

Review Link : Unique Hardware

Swiftech MCW5000-A water block review
Once again Swiftech has provided the computer enthusiast a high quality product that delivers measurable results. The MCW5000-A has allowed us to take our system's performance to a new level. The ability to overclock our AMD 2000+ CPU by 58% (912 MHZ) is a testament to that fact. Priced competitively at $52.00, we believe this product is a great value, especially when considering that it should still be viable through multiple system upgrades

Review Link : ExtremeMHz

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