NVIDIA cuts GeForce 7900 GT and GTX pricing

Posted on Friday, May 12 2006 @ 14:58 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer reports NVIDIA has significantly lowered the price of its high-end GeForce 7900 series graphics cards. Here's some info on the UK pricing:
The overclockers.co.uk chaps offer OcUK branded cards, such as the 7900 GT, for only £164.95 +VAT with a massive availability in stock. They also have loads of 7900 GTXs slashed to £269.96 +VAT. This is a £60 price discount and we think it will make this card rather popular.

In the meantime, Connect 3D massively reduced its X1900 prices,including the infamous Master card price. From now on you can get a Connect 3D X1900 XT card for £239.95 +VAT, Connect 3D X1900 XT-X card for £269.95 +VAT and ATI X1900 Crossfire edition card for £259.95 +VAT. So you will be able be able to get a X1900 mMster card for £305.44 including VAT.

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