Interview over de Trident XP4

Posted on Monday, August 12 2002 @ 22:53 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Op is een interview te vinden met Trident , over hun XP4 chipset.
Deze serie chipsets zou in oktober moeten verschijnen en minder dan 100 dollar kosten.
Trident claimt zelf 70% van de prestaties van een Radeon 9700 te halen en 80% van een GeForce4 Ti4600...

GD: What makes Trident think it can compete in the price category its shooting for (under 100 dollars)?

Le: Our key intellectual property strength is in our ability to design top-of-the-line 3D graphics functionality and performance using a dramatically smaller number of transistors as compared to the competition. For example, the XP4 T3 contains only 30 million transistors and running at 300MHz. ATI's Radeon 9700 has 110 million transistors !!! And yet, the XP4 T3 will achieve 70 percent of the Radeon 9700 in performance. As the result, the XP4 T3 graphics board with 128MB of video memory only costs $99 compared to $399 for a card based on the Radeon 9700. We believe that giving up only 30 percent of performance in exchange for 75 percent price reduction is a compelling trade-off for 97 percent of the 3D graphics users

GD: What do you think ATI and NVIDIA's response will be to these new chips?

Le: I think both ATI and NVIDIA will start buying Trident stock in bulk and try to take over our company somehow. However, we do have a few poison pills waiting for them to enjoy.

Le: In summary, we think it is such a waste of money to buy NVIDIA and ATI products and I personally consider what they are doing as highway robbery of the 21st century and must be stopped immediately. We will set a new and FAIR price/performance standard and stay committed to bringing real values to all 3D graphics lovers.

We zullen wel zien of Trident deze beloften kan waarmaken ;)

Het volledige interview is te vinden op
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