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Posted on Monday, January 20 2003 @ 17:24 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Sunbeam Sound Activated Cold Cathode Review
Sound activated cold cathodes, I have seen some that you connect thru a serial port. However these from CRAZY PC use a small control module with a sliding switch. You can turn them on, use the sound sensor or make them flash. Pretty awesome! If you are a modder these should intrest you, not only do they look good, for the price nothing else on the market can do what these CCFLs can do. Read on and check em' out!

Review Link : FuriousTech

New Mini-ITX Mod at
This may look ghetto to you, but it will never be seen and it does a tremendous job! To secure the floppy drive ($35.00), hard drive (My old HD $30.00), and power supply I used little bungee cords (4 for $1.79). I took screw eyes (20 for $.89) and attached them on either side of the object. I then fastened the bungee to one side and hooked it to the other side. The power supply required two bungee cords going from side to side as well as top to bottom. The floppy drive set some distance from the bottom of the box so I made a bracket of sorts out of a Halloween candy dish ($.79). The bracket screwed (tiny screws $1.00) into the box, and the floppy drive sat on top if it.”

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Cooler Master Ram Chip Coolers Review
We test some aluminum and copper ram sinks from Cooler Master, and determine if they do anything to help you OC your ram any better than without them.

"The aluminium sinks whilst getting quite warm to the touch didn't help in further increasing the overclock of the ram. The copper versions however did help in stabilising the overclock, producing a stable windows environment at 175 FSB. The thermal properties of copper are such that it can draw heat away very quickly indeed, but it also has a tendency to keep that heat."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Overclocking the HP IPAQ H1910 Pocket PC
Recently, we looked at the new and exciting HP IPAQ H1910 Pocket PC. We were impressed with its small form factor, screen quality and performance. Considering the device is not the fastest of the bunch, it performed well in most of our tests. However, many were still quite disappointed to see that HP did not pack this little guy with a next generation Xscale processor at speeds of 300mhz or 400mhz. It was just a matter of time before someone would find a way to overclock this amazing Pocket PC. Today, we look at a utility called Clear Speed by Revolutionary Software Front. Clear Speed is a small utility that will allow you to overclock the H1910's processor to 300mhz, giving you a 50% increase in performance
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Thermaltake AquariusII™ Liquid Cooling Video Review
The Thermaltake AquariusII™ Liquid Cooling offers an out of the box water cooling setup for your PC that is very easy to install and performs well. It includes all the parts and documentation needed to get everything setup very quickly with no hassles. Great cooling at low noise levels is what this product is all about. Watch the Video to find out more...
VideoReview Link : 3dGameMan

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