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Posted on Thursday, January 23 2003 @ 16:14 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

ABIT KD7-G - The KT400 Chipset Revisited!
ABIT Computer Corp. has always been there for us hardware enthusiasts. Not just for the Overclocker, but in acknowledging of what computer enthusiasts want when they purchase a motherboard. Not too long ago they pioneered "Soft-Menu" technology for a true jumper-less BIOS with an endless amount of BIOS settings, and later on IDE RAID. ABIT also went so far as to become one of the first to throw-in a USB header to fit to the back of the PCI header on the back of your case. Now a lot has changed and ABIT still remains one of the leaders of performance, but motherboard competition is fierce and a lot of leading manufacturers are following ABIT's standards by giving the end-user the features and performance that ABIT motherboards have had since day one. So how does the KD7-G stack up against the competition? I would have to say quite well actually, especially when overclocked. One of the key ingredients to Overclockers is not how well does a motherboard perform at default settings, but when overclocked, and for this Overclocker, ABIT has never failed me...

Review Link : ClubOC

Vantec go2.0 USB 2.0 PCI Card Review
Nearly every motherboard or computer you buy these days comes with USB version 2.0. But what about the older computers and boards that only have USB v1.1 or no USB at all? The answer, a USB 2.0 PCI card! Vantec has just recently released a new USB 2.0 card that just might fit the bill.
Review Link : ClubOC

AMK PC75 PC Case Review
The AMK Computers PC75 PC case has always been a favorite. It is roomy. It has a multitude of features. It looks great. And it is expensive. For the extravagant few who want to splurge then this PC case will more than satisfy. We got together with AMK Computers and took the PC75 one step further...yes it's moddin' time. Hang on as there's over 65 images for the full tour!
Review Link : Icrontic

CaseWraps Review
Are you bored of your old white or beige case that makes your computer look like it has no personality? Have you ever found yourself dreaming about one of those fashionable boxen sitting quietly behind your favourite computer shop window? Everybody has at least once in his lifetime considered giving case modding a try to make their case look hot, but most of the people pass it off with the excuse that it would be too difficult and expensive to be worth the try. Today, Casewraps brings us a new way to case mod by proposing a quick and easy way to change your computer’s personality. Add Everglide to the mix, who have associated themselves with this project to allow you to customize the designs, and match them with their other products.

Review Link : LANParty

Gigabyte Maya II Radeon GV-9500 PRO Review>

Review Link : Neoseeker

Thermalright SK6+/SK-7 Review
MHW reviews the Thermalright SK6+ and the SK-7. Just for fun we throw in a SLK-800 into the mix. These HSF are a great value for those of you looking for a cheap cooler because in this case low cost definitely doesn't equal low performance.
Quote: "Thermalright is a brand that certainly needs no introduction. They are revered for their high quality coolers which are always on the leading edge. The Thermalright SK-6+ and the SK-7 coolers were introduced to me as budget coolers. But let me say from the get go that budget does not equal poor performance. Both of these coolers held their own in my AMD XP 2400+ system without a loud, high rpm fan."

Review Link : Monster-Hardware

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