Intel Celeron D to go 65nm by end of the month

Posted on Tuesday, May 16 2006 @ 13:17 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The first 65nm Intel Celeron D processors will be launched on May 28, with availability within 2 weeks after the announcement:
The Cedar Mill Cores will first be implemented on the higher-end models such as Celeron D 352 (3.2GHz/512KB L2/533MHz FSB) and Celeron D 356 (3.33GHz/512KB L2/533MHz FSB) priced at USD$79 and USD$89 per 1000 units respectively.

In addition, Intel plans to launch the top range Celeron D 360 in Quarter 3 2006, clock speed at 3.46GHz with 512KB L2 Cache at 533FSB, price in the range of USD$103. The Cedar Mill Core Celerons will also get a stepping change from B1 to C1 stepping, reducing heat output from 95w to 65w.
More info over here.

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