Many Sony PS3 developers haven't received their developer kits yet

Posted on Wednesday, May 17 2006 @ 0:15 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Bloomberg is reporting that when (or is it if?) the PlayStation 3 launches this November the amount of games available for it will be fewer and also less-powerful because the company hasn't given final technical details yet.

The situation is even worse than that. It appears that many developers, including Sega and THQ don't even have developer kits.
"A lot of developers have not gotten the kits,'' said Sega of America president Simon Jeffrey while attending E3 last week. "There certainly will not be a lot of titles available."

The result is that publishers that do want to take part in the PS3 launch will have to release games that don't fully take advantage of the power of the Cell processor, added Jeffrey. A number of other publishers, however, will likely decide to delay the release of their titles so that they have more time to perfect them. In fact, THQ chief executive Brian Farrell said that THQ opted not to release a version of The Sopranos for PS3 simply because the publisher didn't have enough information about Sony's next-gen console. "It was too risky to do it,'' said Farrell. "It made no sense.''
More details over here. It looks like Sony is definitely screwing up this time.

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Re: Many Sony PS3 developers haven't received their developer kits yet
by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 17 2006 @ 10:11 CEST
your so wrong.. dev. kit are too arive in june everywhere....
Sony said to developers make what you can.... so no hold up here.

do you really think THQ is gonna pass on the PS3?... NO WAY!