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Posted on Sunday, January 26 2003 @ 16:19 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Hello folks, We're planning on holding a contest within a few weeks, plz tell us what kind of prizes you would like in the forums, some new reviews are coming up on DV Hardware by the way, A review of Sunbeams CCFL Fans can be expected next week! And here's todays news
Spire Hard Drive Cooler Review
Hard drive cooling is often overlooked by some people even though it will extend the life of your hard drive and could even bring your system temp down. Today I am looking at a very nice hard drive cooler that was sent to me from Spire. Part number (HD05010B1M4).

Review Link : CyberCPU

How to Make any color faceplate for your Nexus Multi-Function Panel
As promised. Here's a tutorial on how to make your own colored faceplates for the Nexus Multi-Function Panel

HowTo Link : TechTastic

Albatron L17ASD 17'' LCD Screen Review
I was very impressed that there were no glare and reflections! That’s very nice. Now you won’t be disturbed while working by ray of lights reflected on your screen. Overall, everything’s how it should be. Even though the colors, especially black, were a lot brighter than on a CRT, you can still adjust them to your preference.
Review Link : TechConnect

SIIG’s Serial-ATA PCI card Review
When it comes to storage technology, the buzz is all about the new standard on the block: Serial ATA. Serial ATA, or SATA for short, is one of the more revolutionary steps that is taking place in the computer industry. No more do consumers have to put up with those wide IDE cables that block airflow or deal with rounded cables that may be shielded just enough to prevent major data loss; the days of trying to plug in drives without bending pins or playing with jumpers are now coming to an end as well. Ultra-fast transfer speeds, tiny cabling, and hot swap ability are now available to those that are equipped to use it.

Review Link : EnvyNews

Aerocool X-Factor Review
The X-Factor is based on an extruded-fin design, with fins radiating outward from a center that encompasses a copper core, a design that has been featured on other heatsinks before. The heatsink is about regular size in terms of its footprint, but isn't tall, being only 28mm in height. This comes into effect later on as the implementation of the clip design futher shortens the fins' effective height. The fan utilized is a 70mm square by 15mm thick unit. While the frame of it is made out of aluminum, the blades are still plastic and have merely had a metal finish applied to them. It flows a respectable 32cfm

Review Link : Virtual-Hideout

Thrust Master Firestorm Wireless Review
There are a plethora of different game pads to choose from these days. However, shopping for them can be quite difficult. You try and take into account the price, features and comfort of the unit. Today we will look at Thrustmaster's Firestorm wireless, hopefully this wireless technology will perform well, I have enough wires on my desk as it is!

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

Give-away Contest - 15 USB Flash drives!
I guess it was a matter of time before one of our Sponsors hit us up with a contest idea! After having reviewed over a dozen USB Keychain Drives, and with over a dozen more in the works, we present you with a ‘no-strings-attached’ give-away contest for fifteen of them – yes, that 15, and not dinky ones like 8 and 16 Meggers either. Ten of them are 32MB and five are 64MB – nearly $1000 in USB Flash Drives to give-away. All you have to do is fill out a form and answer one skill-testing question. The contest is open to all residents of planet Earth.

Contest Link : EnvyNews

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