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Posted on Monday, January 27 2003 @ 14:17 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Monitor Makeover Part II
With all of the emails I received about heat issues after the first monitor makeover, I decided to do a follow up article. Monitor Makeover Part I brought you something new and innovative- a monitor window. In by performing this mod, you not only did something new and innovative, you did something dangerous and daring! In this guide, I'll show you how to take a little danger out of future monitor modding as well as a few new enhancements for your freshly modded monitor.

Review Link : Twisted Mods

Jab-Tech Digital Doc 5 TNG Review
The Digital Doc 5 TNG is an all inclusive package which comes pre-assembled and is available in three different front bezel colours (black, silver and beige). This product is being marketed as the lastest revision in the Digital Doc series and provides temperature monitoring & fan control for up to 8 fans. Consumers have the ability to monitor 8 different temperatures with support for high performance fans rannging from 60mm and 120mm fans with a max of 12 watts or 1000mA.

Review Link : Moxthebox

OCZ DDR PC3700 Review
While the OCZ PC3700 is actually rated at 466MHz, my system is simply not capable of running at that speed. However, I was able to reach 460MHz effectively and while doing it, had the memory at the most aggressive settings possible. That is what is truly amazing about this memory. While OCZ claims these memory sticks are capable of 466MHz at CAS 2.5, hitting 460MHz at CAS 2/5/2/2 is nothing short of amazing. Also notice how Cpu-Z recognizes the memory modules at PC3700, whereas most other memories are recognized simply as overclocked PC2700.

Review Link : OCAddiction

Kingston HyperX PC 3500 Review
Kingston recently has recently released memory that is geared towards the gamers and enthusiasts crowd. This memory is called Kingston HyperX PC3500. It is rated at an astounding speed of 433MHz DDR CAS2-4-4-8-1T. Kingston’s engineers carefully designed and qualified these modules to their rated speed. HyperX modules are designed to push the limits of the enthusiasts’ computers. Lets see how they do!

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

EasyHardDisk 20GB USB 2.0 Review
In the dozens of USB Flash drives, Flash memory storage products, and portable drives we’ve reviewed to date, not one offered the best of all the features we sought – affordability, portability, and performance. However, a new and exciting product we’re looking at today offers all three. Enter EasyDisk’s first foray into hard disk based storage – the EasyHardDisk. Packing a performance punch that wrecked our other two portable drives in our labs, this 20GB model does not disappoint.

Review Link : EnvyNews

ABIT BG7E motherboard Review
The ABIT BG7E is a great solution to those of you who don't need it all but want just enough to get things going. The BG7E is a stabile platform for the Pentium 4 Processor with support for HyperThreading should you decide to upgrade to an H-T enabled Pentium 4. Perhaps the best part is the fact that it's an ABIT board - and with that comes options and flexibility. Thus if you're shopping for a solid system for that Intel P4 of yours, consider the BG7E - you won't be disappointed. We'll be using this board as a baseline comparison for all other P4 boards to come
Review Link : WhiningDog

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