Creative explains X-Fi problems

Posted on Saturday, May 20 2006 @ 16:00 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Tech Report reports Creative has shed some light on the problems with its X-Fi audio cards:
Creative has shed some light on problems surrounding the company's X-Fi sound cards. Since the X-Fi's introduction last year, some users have reported problems with the sound card that are reminiscent of glitches associated with the SoundBlaster Live! a few years ago, namely motherboard compatibility issues, sound popping and crackling, blue screens, and system lockups. A number of motherboard manufacturers released BIOS updates to address the X-Fi hiccups, but users continued to complain about the same problems. This situation prompted a petition as well as a number of letters sent to Creative inquiring about the company's testing methodology and the apparent lack of official fixes.
More details over here.

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