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Posted on Wednesday, January 29 2003 @ 14:19 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Seagate Barracuda SATA V ST3120023AS HD Review
OCAddiction takes a look at the Seagate Barracuda SATA V ST3120023AS HD today. Seagate appears to be the first manufacturer out of the gate with the new Hard Drives running Serial ATA and OCA highlights both the good and bad aspects of what you can expect from these new drives. Here's a snip from the review.

"The ST3120023AS uses an 8MB cache to enhance performance. Combined with the 2 60GB platters and 4 Heads to utilize the full 120GB of space on the platters. On paper, it seems to be a winning combination, but let's hold off until we see the results."

Review Link : OCAddiction

Review of the LCD Crystal Fontz
Dark][Tweaker has a new review online. This week we have take a look at the LCD Crystal Fontz.

Review Link : Dark][Tweaker

scopEBox: The watercooled LAN rig
So there I was…playing Wolfenstein at my local LAN (although my latest addiction is BF1942) and in comes this one guy with his rig. Mind you, this was a great setup and by the looks of it a lot of time and skill went into it. The good part: it was water-cooled, and the bad part: it was big…VERY big. His setup included a large heatercore rad, lots of duct work, and tubing running everywhere. Well after I saw him struggling with this huge box I went to speak to him. Well it turns out he was getting 40c.
Review Link : ReviewNation

Albatron PX845PE Pro II Silver Review
The 845PE is Intel's newest chipset for their Pentium 4 processor, supporting 533Mhz FSB and DDR333 memory. The chipset also supports Intel's Hyper-Threading technology, which has been around for some while in their Xeon processors but has only recently become available for the Pentium 4. In case there still is someone out there who doesn't know what Hyper-Threading is (in which case just where have you been?).
Review Link : ReviewNation

"Red Cherry" Dragon Case Review
This CaseArts "Red Cherry" Dragon case hits a grand slam with a fantastic package at an extraordinary price. With a finish so strong, smooth, and detailed, right down to the tiny reset button, the few minor internal blemishes almost don't deserve to be mentioned at all. That's just how much the good outweighs the bad. Also, before I forget, I want to mention that there was NO sticky buttons or doors anywhere on this case. If you've ever felt a homemade painted case, you've probably dealt with the typical sticky buttons and stuck doors because the paint is too think. That's not the case here, the finish was so thin and smooth , it feels absolutely factory done. Might be because.....IT IS factory done! Even the feet swing out smoothly and do NOT scratch the paint off. The finish is baked on and seems to be as strong as any typical factory finish. That's a great thing.

Review Link : Virtual-Hideout

HighSpeed PC TX50 Wearable USB Drive Review
The TX50 Wearable USB Drive is an all-inclusive solid state disk with a USB interface for PC and Mac compatibility. Solid state drives work on a similar principle as hard drives and CD-ROM drives, with the exception that instead of data being stored magnetically or optically, data is stored electrically on a solid state semiconductor. The benefits of this are lower power requirements and virtually no susceptibility to vibration, shock or extreme temperature.

Review Link : Modthebox

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