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Posted on Wednesday, January 29 2003 @ 15:09 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Union Series Case Review
Are you looking for a new home for your computer, or are you on the hunt for a new compter case. Tradex Informatoion Technology sent Furioustech a Nikao Computer Case, Union Series to review. This roomy steel case has lots of features and is stylish. So read on and find out what I did, when I gave this case the once and twice over. It will do the job and more.

Review Link : Furioustech

Samsung ML-1450 Laser Printer review
Now, before you turn in disgust at the mere mention of Black and White, it has to be said that the addition of a laser printer in this household has had a dramatic impact on my productivity. You see, I have been a die-hard color inkjet advocate for over 10 years – color is a good thing, and I have refused until now to trade color for speed. However, in the last 10 years, the internet and its usefulness has erupted violently, and with online shopping and e-banking – having quick and permanent hard-copies of transactions is about necessary as a hard-disk data backup solution. The Laser printer solution suddenly becomes all too clear.

Review Link : EnvyNews

Firefly USBee and Translucent USB Drives Video Review
The Firefly USBee and Translucent USB Drives are small, lightweight and portable which makes them very convenient for data storage. Since it allows a very quick method of backing up, transferring/receiving, transporting data it a must have for staying mobile. Watch the Video to find out more.
VideoReview Link : 3dGameMan

Belkin Firewire&USB2 pci card Review
Today we are going to take a look at a Belkin USB2&Firewire PCI card. Belkin is a growing company and makes quality products. I really look forward to this so I won´t spend anymore time but will throw myself into the review right away.

Review Link : R&B Mods

ABIT NF7-S nForce2 motherboard Review
ABIT has been touting its 3-phase switching voltage regulator as superior to the 2-phase power solution used by some of the other manufacturers. Well, in a way, it is superior. A 3-phase voltage regulator will run much cooler than a 2-phase voltage regulator since the workload is divided into three phases or power channels, instead of just two. However, whether they improve stability or not depends on whether there's sufficient capacitance.

It could very well be just another marketing ploy, feeding off a need to cut costs in capacitors. This is because the more phases the switching voltage regulator has, the smoother the flow of power. In a two-phase system, larger capacitors are used to even out the flow of power. Because the three phase system itself provides a smoother flow of power, less capacitance is actually required for a stable power supply. Therefore, ABIT may have taken the 3-phase road to cut costs and not to improve stability. Let's take a look..."

Review Link : Rojakpot

OCZ Technologies PC2700 Rev 3.2 DDR Review
While DDR400 memory is fast becoming the choice memory for overclockers, PC2700 memory, or DDR333 is still a viable alternative. Unfortunately, so much of it exists and choosing the right module can be a daunting task.

"This particular module overclocked to 428 MHz. The module was able to run at the most aggressive timings up to 400 MHz, at which point it would not boot. Upping the timings to CAS 2.5 with a RAS to CAS delay of 2 allowed the memory to boot and complete all of the stress tests. Above 400 MHz the memory would not operate properly unless we upped the voltage to 2.7 Volts, at which point the module would successfully complete the Memtest86 loop."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

GAINWARD GeForce 4 PowerPack! Ultra/700-8X XP Golden Sample Review
PC Gaming has become part of every pc community's daily life nowadays, especially the 3d gaming arena. Of course playing 3d games requires a state of the art 3d accelerator card, such as the current ATi Radeon 9700Pro and the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce FX in order to enjoy the game. However, these state of the art cards usually don’t come in cheap price tag. In order to curb the problem that was faced by many budget-conscience users, NVIDIA has prompted to produce a chip known as GeForce 4 Ti4200-8X, which is not only powerful to run today's game, yet quiet affordable too!

Review Link : myWORLD Hardware

Thermalright's SLK-800
Are you looking for excellent cooling for your cpu, but aren't ready to go with a water cooled system? Well Thermalright has got the answer with their SLK-800.

Review Link : TechTastic

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