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Posted on Saturday, February 01 2003 @ 8:35 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

D.I.Y. PVC Reservoir for Water-Cooling Guide
After about 5 to 10 mins, you are ready to drill the holes for the barbs. Drill one hole in end cap (the one that doesn't open) as close to the bottom as possible. Drill a second hole farther up the pipe, but not too close to the top. When water is coming out of the top barb and emptying into the reservoir, water can splash out the top (if the cap is off) if the top barb is too high. Make sure the top barb is atleast 2.5" from the top of the reservoir. To install the barbs, first wrap the threads with some teflon tape. Then simply screw each one into the drilled holes. Use a wrench to make sure they are in all the way. Your reservoir is now complete and ready for installation!

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Antec PlusView 1000 AMG case Review

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Stealth-X Midtower PC Case
Inside, the Stealth-X continues to surprise with a new drive retention system. Gone are the drive rails of old, replaced by a quick friction locking system. Simply slide the drive in the front, push the yellow plastic lever to lock it down against a strong spring and you're done. If anything, this system impressed me more than all other options on the Stealth-X. It is used for the 5-1/4" bays and the floppy bay but the hard drive mounts are old school screw-through-a-non-removable-drive-bay affairs which necessitate taking both sides off the case to install.

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ATI 9700 Pro and a modded 9500
If you read the news posted on various hardware sites on then you ahve probably recently seen a post about converting an ATI Radeon 9500 into a 9700 Pro. This article is not meant to be a technical walk through on how to do this mod but rather more proof that it indeed does work.

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