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Posted on Sunday, February 02 2003 @ 14:07 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

C3 Ice-Blue Acrylic Case Review
"I know you must have seen a clear case and maybe wondered if whether or not you should get one. Maybe you thought that the design was poor, construction quality weak and it would provide inefficient cooling. Well if those were your concerns then the C3 Ice-Blue laser cut acrylic case available at will answer them.

Review Link : Systemcooling

Spire 5R265B1H3 SkiveStream Socket A cooler
The world of CPU coolers is completely overwhelming. I think I have used over 100 CPU coolers in the last 3 years just trying to get that extra 10Mhz out of whatever I was trying to push to the limit. I have seen some good and bad tries at perfection. This review isn't about that. It's about a cooler that is effective in the everyday system and as quiet as anything I have ever heard. I am looking at Spires part Number (5R265B1H3 SkiveStream).

Review Link : CyberCPU

Spire 5F271B1M3 FalconRock Socket A cooler
I have seen a lot of different cooler designs lately and I like the idea that many companies are coming up with. They are using large low RPM fans that cut noise and do not hinder performance. This is smart for a few reasons. People like me are getting tired of loud computers. Yeah it was cool a few years ago to yell over your LAN box to your friend next to you, but I am getting tired of my computer sounding like a hair dryer. Today I am going to look at a solution for this problem. I am looking at the Spire part number (5F271B1M3 FalconRock).

Review Link : CyberCPU

irOck 500 MP3 Player Review
This Motorola spin-off company has a MP3 player that is small, stylish and can hold 2-1/4 hours of skip-free music. Sounds awesome dosen't it. This player rocks, dynamite it is said comes in small packages, well this MP3 player is explosive! Plus you have a slot for an additional SmartMedia Card to hold more music. With all the features, you get a trial membership to a download site for MP3s. Want to find our more, read on and find out what a good product this is!

Review Link : Furioustech

Sunbeamtech Cold Cathode fan Review
Every so often, a new innovation or idea enters into the modding community that becomes ubiquitous. Somebody comes up with an idea that is a little different or is an improvement of an old idea and before you know it, just about every modded case has it. First, it was the window in a PC, closely followed by lighting the inside of a PC. Then rounded cables, and lately it has been LED lit fans. The fan I am reviewing here is what I believe will become the next big thing, a cold cathode case fan.

Review Link : PimpRig

How many times have you blamed the mouse because you got killed 89 times in a Counter Strike Game? Well MouseWax has a solution to your mouse problems. Whether you’re a home-user or hardcore gamer and find your mouse is choppy then maybe MouseWax is a product you should look into. MouseWax doesn’t leave sticky residue on your mouse pad and helps your mouse glide smoothly across the mouse pad.

Review Link : Comp-Shop

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