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Posted on Saturday, February 08 2003 @ 13:06 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

M-Systems' DiskOnKey PRO
Personal storage has become the latest trend nowadays, especially to people who are always on the move. What comes first into this people's mind are convenience and portability of bringing data around

Review Link : myWORLD Hardware

EKL Blade Review
Dark][Tweaker has a new review online. This week we have tested the brand new cooler from EKL, the Blade serie. The heatsink is made of aluminium, has a 5 mm strong copper plate and is suitable for processors to xp 2800+.

Review Link : Dark][Tweaker

Thermaltake Smart Fan 2
Thermal controlled fans are really nothing new. There are several manufacturers producing them, and whereas most rely on a thermal probe to adjust speeds, others use either a switch or dial to do so. The Thermaltake Smart Fan 2 separates itself from the others by using both.

"One good thing about the Smart Fan 2's thermal probe is that you can place it close to the center of your case, where it is warmest. In this scenario, the fan is likely to spin faster, since it's warmer, making it a more useful intake or exhaust fan then before. Unfortunently, the problem I see with the Smart Fan 2 is that the sensor has to detect 55°C in order to spin full throttle. If your case temperatures reach that speed, you've got some problems."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

CoolerMaster HHC-001 Heatpipe cooler
A heat pipe is a closed system that uses the natural properties of liquid to move heat from one location to another. Essentially there are two ends to a heat pipe, hot and cold. The hot end is at the source of the heat, in this case the bottom of the heat sink. The cold end is near the top. Liquid in the hot end absorbs the heat and turns into a vapor, at which point it moves to the cold end of the heat pipe. Once there it cools and contracts back to liquid form and in the process releases the heat. Once in liquid form it travels back down the sides of the heat pipe to the hot end. Here is what the pipes look like on the HHC-001.

Review Link : GruntVillE

SVC 3.5" Bay VR Fan Controller Review
Fan controllers are a plus to have in todays personal computing world. They help reduce heat and noise, a plus to those of us who have lots of cooling fans on our rigs. What, you don't have a 5.25" bay to put a controller in! Samller can be better, I am looking at a controller that fits into a 3.5" bay that will controll four of your fans. Read on and find out what I think of this product from SVC.

Review Link : Furioustech

XFX GEFORCE4 Ti 4200 8X AGP 128MB DDR TV & DVI out Video Card Video Review
The nVidia based Ti4200's Video Cards have been on the market for some time now but they offer fantastic bang for the buck and the XFX GEFORCE4 Ti 4200 is no exception. This particular model comes with 128MB of memory, is 8X AGP and has TV and DVI out. Watch the Video to find out more.
Review Link : 3dGameMan

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