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Posted on Monday, February 24 2003 @ 11:45 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Aspire X-Pider Aluminum Case review
We've all seen the Alienware, Antec, Chenming, Chieftec, Enermax, and Thermaltake Xaser cases that look exactly the same. The reason they look the same, is because, surprise, they are made by the same people. The question, who actually makes all of these cases seams to be one of the Tech World's most unsolved mysteries - And a mystery, we'll try to uncover in our review of the Turbo Case X-Pider Aluminum Case. While we're at it, we'll also take time to review the PSU that came with the case, as well as the matching Keyboard and mouse that Aspire kindly provided to us

Review Link : OCC

Game Boy Advance SP Japanese Import Reviewed
Hand-held gaming keeps getting cooler. The ultra-slim Game Boy Advance SP features a revolutionary Front Light Screen for great game play under any lighting condition. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers about 10 hours of game play and takes only three hours to recharge.
Review Link : Ascully

OCZ Gladiator II and Dominator 2-CU
The three-pronged clip that is on the Gladiator II was very easy to attach to our KD7 motherboard. In fact, we were able to just push down on the clip with our fingers to attach it to the socket on the motherboard!...The Dominator 2-CU only has a single-pronged clip. We are not going to hold that against the Dominator 2-CU because this is a very light-weight heat sink that only needs a single-pronged clip.
Review Link : Legitreviews

Gainward GF4 Ultra/750-8X XP video card
When we finished off our Ti4600-8X review, we had said that we were done with the AGP8X capable family of GeForce4 cards. In fact, at the time we had only looked at AGP8X versions of the 440MX, Ti4200, and Ti4600 cards, with no intention to go any further. Thank goodness Gainward sent us their Ultra/750-8X XP card, or else we would never have bothered to look at a Ti4800SE card, which would be a shame - because it turns out that the Gainward Ultra/750-8X card offers a more than decent balance of performance and price.
Review Link : Neoseeker

Transcend 30x 128MB CompactFlash card review
Personally, I had not heard of Transcend until now. Those of you who may have known them will know they are a leading memory manufacturer based out of Taiwan. Back in 1988 they got their start producing two products, the 'JetMate' laser printer driver, and the 'KeyPro' software protection system. Today they make memory modules in just about every format, and even motherboards with the latest chipsets. I have in my possession one of their latest products - a 30x 128MB CompactFlash card.

Review Link : EnvyNews

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