Dell lowers Xbox 360 price

Posted on Friday, June 30 2006 @ 22:44:06 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Dell lowered the price of the Xbox 360 to $359.99:
Yep that’s right, the world’s largest reseller of computer hardware is offering the Xbox 360 Premium SKU for $359.99 on their site. Free ground shipping. No end date of the offer mentioned. Ships within 24 hours. And you will get another $10 discount during checkout (use code C99$273GQ1L4W8 according to our grapevine). Effectively, this means you and everyone else in the US can buy an Xbox 360 with harddisk, wireless controller and headset for 350 bucks. Now is that competing with $599 or isn’t it?
More info at Xbox IC.