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Posted on Monday, March 03 2003 @ 14:08 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

pcToys Multi-Function Panel
Installation is a snap. The instructions are well laid out and easy to read. A 4th grader could install this unit. Hats off to pcToys for good documentation in plain, un-translated English. I found it easiest to place and attach all of the sensors first. I located the temperature sensors per the instructions. For the CPU, I attached the probe near the die on my P4 2.26b on the bottom of the heatsink.

Review Link : OCAddiction

Preview : GeForce FX 5800 Ultra reference
Comparing the different boards with 4X FSAA we can see that the GeForce4 Ti, which has no colour compression abilities, just Z compression, becomes bandwidth limited very quickly. GeForce FX, on the other hand, has plenty of performance left in it, due to its higher bandwidth and compression routines. We can see that at best, the 5800 Ultra is in excess of twice as fast as the GeForce4 with 4X FSAA enabled, and even running at 400/400 it is still twice as fast.
Preview Link : Beyond3d

The Book of Overclocking Review
With more and more enthusiasts wanting to take their machines to the limit, it was time for a helpful guide to lead the curious new overclockers down the path the correct way. After browsing the pages of this guide I realized there was a lot more information about processor specifications than there was info on overclocking. I must admit that this book does cover general information on almost every chip from the big three better than any one stop you could make on the web. The kind of info is exactly what a true geek would need to prove who’s right on a bet of how much cache is on a particular chipJ Here’s a snip from the review:

“Chapter 4 is the gold mine; “How to Overclock.” This section will take a n00b OC’r and get them started down the right path. I was hoping to find tricks I wasn’t aware of but I was familiar with all of the tips in this chapter. I do think that it’s a great guide for users less experienced than myself. When you’re searching the forums and get your answer, you’re not sure it’s 100% right; after reading through this chapter I can assure you that they’ll not steer you wrong. They also give ample warnings for each style of Overclocking and a “what could happen” if you do it wrong. It’s nice to know the risks involved in the project your on.”

Review Link : GruntVillE

BeanTech Igloo 8 case
The BeanTech Igloo 8 Is a first class case from top to bottom inside and out .The photos can not do the case any justice.This case really floored me when I opened the box There are other aulminum cases on the market for much more money that don`t have alot of the features thatr the Beantech cases have.There are some options you can get when ordering your case for those of you like myself that are not the best with the shop tool and like a premodded case,(Ours has the side window ), you can have a side window, top blow hole fan ,one or up to three ball bearing fans,there are 9 different versions of the Igloo aluminum case so there should be one to fit everyones taste.
Review Link : PC Techzone

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