Tuesday Late Night News

Posted on Tuesday, March 04 2003 @ 19:46 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

PCMODS 3.5" 4 Channel Fan Controller
Overall this is a great product, it looks great, works great, and it doesn't take up one of your precious 5.25" drive bays! The only issues I have are very minor and really don't matter. I recommend waiting until the 3pin extension cables are included with the package before buying this if you don't want to pay a little extra to order the unit from one place and the cables from another. I actually replaced a Nexus Vantec rheobus with this mini rheobus, so I highly recommend this product if you are sick of hearing the roar of your fans when you are idle or just chatting, etc.

Review Link : Virtual-Underground

Unique Forum's First Contest (Personal Fingerprint Scanning System)
To win this contest you must have the wackiest computer area. What we mean by computer area is a cool case mod, nice desk layout, best office chair and anything else that has to do with your computer area. Even clean wiring will help! You still must be a member of the Unique Forums and have more then 35 posts.
Contest Link : Unique Hardware

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