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Posted on Thursday, March 13 2003 @ 10:57 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Speeze NeonBar II Review
The unit measures in at a little over 12 inches, which is standard for the cathode market. It is encased in an acrylic shell that is pinstriped with blue accents to increase the hue of the cathodes colour. The attached power cable is a full ten inches long, allowing users a good measure of slack to route the wiring out of sight. The power connector on the product is identical to the connector on the original PCMods cathode and/or the Sunbeam unit. This is an added benefit, since users looking to supplement their existing lighting with an additional unit may not need to install a second inverter in order to power the units.
Review Link : Modthebox

ATI Remote Wonder
If you're setting up a multimedia PC, a remote is something that is a mandatory accessory. The Remote Wonder is another one of ATi's contributions with the hopes of turning you into a couch potato.
"Another scenario, is if you're, uh, entertaining guests, and have your PC playing some Michael Bolton to get into the mood. I guess it can be a real mood breaker to not get up and shut off the PC, so this is where a remote can come in handy."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Exclusive Interview with MARK of FrozenCPU
Today Koihoshi had a chance to sit down with FrozenCPU and ask them a couple questions about what has made them so successful in their line of business. FrozenCPU is an online case modification store with the largest selection around. Check out what they had to say.

Interview over at TwistedMods Northbridge MAXX Review
Over the years, I've done all sorts of things to keep the Northbridge chipset cool on motherboards. When the factory chipset heatsink just isn't enough, normally I'll just modify a CPU heatsink and epoxy it to the chipset. This works great, but it can be very time consuming. Now there is an easy way thanks to! has released a new chipset cooler called the NB MAXX that just made cooling the Northbridge chipset easier than ever!
Review Link : ClubOC

Fortron/Source FSP350-PN Power Supply
Over the last couple years, several companies have worked very hard to bring us the best PSUs money can buy. One of those companies is Fortron/Source Tech. Many people know Fortron/Source from their budget PSUs that come in many of today's prebuilt computers or in case & PSU combos. What many people don't know is these guys also make aftermarket products as well. One of these aftermarket products is the new FSP350-PN. Check it out, right here on Club Overclocker!
Review Link : ClubOC

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