mIRC v6.0.3

Posted on Saturday, August 17 2002 @ 1:04 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Sinds gisteren is v6.0.3 van mIRC uit.

Download : mIRC v6.0.3 (1.16MB)
Mirrors zijn te vinden op mIRC.com

The 'perform on connect' sorting mistake has been fixed, also the numeric 330 bug, the flickering menubar and toolbar, the ! on INPUT processing bug, the $read and a similar freeze bug with invalid filenames, a switchbar multi-line display bug, dcc ignore bug, a /timer bug, and a bug in the highlight feature are fixed. The $ticks has changed back to the old method because of a bug in Windows' high performance timer... *mumble*

Other fixes are the /load command that could trigger multiple on load events, a proxy authentication bug, the $asctime() bug, a small dcc server ignore bug, and an important memory bug in script parser, where mIRC checks if a script has been loaded/unloaded while a script is running.

mIRC now supports several IRCX events on any server that sends them, not just for IRCX servers, it will (again) try to rejoin a channel even if it was +i or +k, we improved the way mIRC determines what default web browser you use, rewrote the mark/copy routine, and added a $nick().idle property that returns the idle time for a person on a channel. You can also use this idle time feature in the nick color list dialog in the addressbook!

I assume you know that you have to dig through the help file and the versions.txt file included with mIRC to learn about the complete list of changes and their impact? If you have questions, may I invite you to the Message Boards on mIRC's website? These discussion forums offer great help with everything related to mIRC and its features.

May I remind how in version 6.0 multi-server support was added? With this feature mIRC allows you to connect to multiple servers at the same time. You'll notice the 'Multi-Server' button that provides a couple of new options supporting this new feature. If you have not upgraded recently, this is the moment to get 6.03!

Een uitgebreider changelog is te vinden op http://www.mirc.co.uk/versions.txt

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