AMD to drop ATI brand

Posted on Tuesday, August 08 2006 @ 0:41 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
AMD announced it will drop the ATI brand name.
Gareth Cater from AMD told Custom PC that 'the new company will be called AMD,' meaning that we could shortly be seeing AMD-branded Radeon graphics chips.

We asked Richard Baker from AMD if this meant that the memorable Radeon name would also be biting the dust, but he replied that 'we haven't made any final decisions yet, but I'd personally be very surprised if we dropped any of those product names. The ATi company name is definitely going, though.'

Baker stressed that, contrary to what's been reported in the press elsewhere, the acquisition will be a takeover rather than a merger, which means that AMD is going to be wearing the trousers in its relationship. Baker said that 'the company is being bought, so it's fairly standard that the name should go, as it's becoming a part of AMD.'
More details over here.

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