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Posted on Saturday, March 15 2003 @ 16:25 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Hellowz everyone! Today LORDrazer has put up yet another review of the Black Front Bezel from CoolerMaster and some more stuff from him and me is coming your way soon. Like Antec's Cobra Cables, a rheobus from Sunbeam ,a fan controller from Modheadz, another MP3 player and lots more.

Anyway isn't there anybody interested in having a chit chat in our Forum? It's a nice place to have some fun, ask a few questions, exchange some ideas or to give comments. Hehe we don't bite

TwistedMods Case Modding Seminar *SIGN UP TODAY!*
Aside from the breathtaking gaming experience at PDXLAN, many events are soon to follow on days 2 and 3. One such event is a Case Modding Seminar being held in part by . Whether you are a new or advanced case modder, come on over and see what the TwistedMods crew is cooking - LIVE on stage, right in front of your very own eyes. Throughout each of the two, hour-long seminars, you will learn the basics of case modding from rounding your flat ide cables custom, to safety, tools, installing case lighting, stealthing drives and cutting those dreaded windows! At the end and during each of the seminars you will have the chance to drill TwistedMods, case modding professionals with any questions you may have about modding as a whole or any specific mod you would like to know about. Don't worry about getting bored either, and their personal sponsors have put together a bundle of giveaways totaling upwards of $3,000, BUT the only way to win and get in on the giveaway action is to attend both seminars...don't be left out! You have the chance of winning brand new cases, modded cases, lighting, water-cooling kits, Logitech mice and MORE...

More over at TwistedMods

ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Preview
ATI's Hyper M memory technology brings GDDR2-M memory to laptops. GDDR2-M brings higher clock speeds to mobile graphics memory while lowering power consumption to help improve battery life. The actual memory bandwidth of the 9600 is 9.6GB/sec which increases to up to a possible 54.4GB/sec with compression. ATI also is the first to allow for up to 128MB of discrete graphics memory with the 9600 and also offers 32MB and 64MB configurations. This memory comes on the VPU die, and regardless of memory size the chips are pin compatible allowing for notebook makers to change memory sizes simply by utilizing different chips in the same design.
Preview Link : AMDZone

Do It Your Self Fibre Channel Array
In today’s storage market we have several key technologies: Parallel ATA (PATA), Serial ATA (SATA; newcomer), SCSI, and Fibre Channel (FC). There are of course newer and more exotic technologies. iSCSI and Serial SCSI being two of them, but for the purpose of this report we will focus on the basic 4 core technologies. PATA has been around for a long time. We’ve seen the changes in the cabling and also in the rated “speed” of the drive. SATA is the real newcomer having been on the market in volume for less than 3 weeks at the time as of this review. It boasts a low pin count coupled with a high transfer speed for a consumer level devices. Currently though its transfer speeds are limited by the PCI Bus. SCSI has been the “high performance” king of all consumer, mid-level, and enterprise markets for the past decades. With its low seek times, the ability to read/write concurrently, and fast spindle speeds SCSI has delivered dependable performance for markets where storage is key. SCSI suffers from an acute problem, however how do you get SCSI arrays off-site or remote for SAN (storage area network) or NAS (network attached storage) applications?
More at AMDZone

Developer Comments on ATI's 'F-Buffer'
Recently ATI introduced their new high-end Radeon 9800 PRO graphics accelerator, boasting unlimited shader program lengths via the use of their ‘F-Buffer’ technology. We’ve contacted a number of developers to find out their thoughts on whether this technology is of any use to them. This is what Epic’s Tim Sweeney had to say:

“There is great value in fully solving the multipass problem. It will mean that any conceivable pixel shaders we write in the future will work backwards-compatibly on past hardware capable of full multipass temporaries spill, it will just run slower and require more passes on that hardware. That is a HUGE improvement over the current situation, where shaders we write for DirectX9 hardware simply don't work on DirectX8 hardware, and code we write for DirectX8 shaders won't work on DirectX7 hardware.”
More over at Beyond3D

TurboCase X-Dreamer Mid-Tower Case Review
One of the standout features of the TurboCase X-Dreamer Case is the inclusion of stealth bay covers similar to the design MTB Labs first noticed in the Nikao Eclipse Case and Platinum XP Case. The stealth bay covers give the case a uniformed look when used, but are not mandatory. To use the stealth drive faces, you first must remove your CD/DVD-ROM faceplates. The stealth bay covers include a chrome plastic CD/DVD-ROM button which will reach the original drive's own eject button.

Review Link : Modthebox

Catalyst 3.2 vs Catalyst 3.1 Performance Report
ATI recently released new Catalyst drivers. One of you readers ran a couple of benchmarks on his Radeon 9000 and shares his experiences!

Review Link : Madshrimps

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