Tuesday News part 2

Posted on Tuesday, March 18 2003 @ 11:06 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

UVCCFL and some nice UV Dye
Computers have reached a point where there are fewer and fewer places to go; so, as is natural, function begets art. By adding UV Dye to your water cooling system and adding a UVCCFL to your box you can become the hit of the LAN party or at least a legend in your own mind!
Review Link : MHW

SVC UV Fans and CCFLs
Ten years ago when someone said case fan you would think of this unattractive piece of black plastic. With the idea of modifying your computer case becoming more of a standard then a rarity; you need something that stands out. Normal fans and normal lighting just won't cut it any longer; this is where a sweet UV kit comes in handy.

Review Link : XtReMoDs

PYRAMID V Fan Scilencer Review
The ancient Egyptains have made some of the worlds largest pyramids! Well the people of COLBAT 3 have made one of the worlds smallest pyramids. The PYRAMID V can scilence the fans on your computer system and is about the size of a one inch cube. Have I got your intrigued? Travel inside and you don't have to go to Egypt to be amazed by this pyramid!

Review Link : Furioustech

Samsung SM348B Combo Drive
For the consumer market, Samsung has long been a dominating force for "combo" drives for as long we've been reviewing optical devices. These drives combine a high speed CD-R/RW drive with a DVD-ROM in a single cost effective, multi-purpose unit. Today we're looking at the Samsung SW-348B. Now this drive actually combines 16X DVD read capability with 48X/24X/48X CD-RW speeds... which really IS amazing, but this doesn't even represent Samsung's cutting edge anymore... just last month they announced their newest combo drive capable of 52X CD-R write speeds - the fastest CD-R write speed in the industry today
Review Link : Neoseeker

ViewSonic NextVision N6 Video Processor review
Here’s one of those cool products that allow you to re-utilize your existing gear to serve new purposes – at a fraction of the cost of totally new gear. Enter ViewSonic’s High-Definition Video Processor; a box that enables you to adapt your computer CRT or LCD to display HDTV output from consoles, satellite broadcasts, Progressive-scan DVD players, and the like. Here’s a snip:

“Truly ‘Plug-and-Play’, the N6 is a standalone, external device that allows up to four A/V devices to be connected to a VGA monitor. The truly exciting promise of the N6 is that it will turn your monitor into a ‘high-definition, full-screen TV and multimedia entertainment center’. Since monitors generally have higher resolutions than HDTV sets, the idea is plausible and intriguing. Let us see how well ViewSonic lives up to these lofty claims.”

Review Link : EnvyNews

Crucial 6 In 1 Card Reader
Just recently, Crucial announce a new product line - memory card readers. Although memory card readers are not quite as exciting as a video card, they are very handy to say the least. Crucial has sent over two version of their new card readers for our reviewing pleasure. The one I'm reviewing today is called the 6 In 1 card reader designed just for the desktop. Check it out!
Review Link : ClubOC

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