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Posted on Monday, March 24 2003 @ 15:58 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Coolermaster Neon Case Fans
With more and more people showing off the guts of their computer these days, black fans are going the way of steel beige cases. I mean, lets get real, who wants to look through a window and see a dull black case fan? LED fans have come a long way in just a short time, and some LED fans produce such a nice glow that neons/CCFLs are almost unneeded. Today, we'll take a look at two of Cooler Master's Neon LED Fans...

Review Link : OCC

Kingwin Divine (Four Fans) Power Supply
When I first heard of the availability of the Kingwin power supply that indeed, equipped with four fans and touted as “Silent”, you know I had to get my hands on one. Today, we’ll show you the Kingwin Divine 450W unit in all its glory. The photo below is of their Black Aluminum Cased version and it’s also available in a straight Aluminum Colored version.

Review Link : Systemcooling

Contest @ needs a custom case badge design for the site so it's fitting that the entire contest is for the most part case badge related. In our latest contest we offer up a official "got mods" cap, an LED lighted case badge kit and two case badges from CrazyPC and a Kleer-Dome do it yourself case badge kit and a case badge of the winning design provided by

Contest at CaseModGod

Crucial USB 6 in 1 Card Reader
Memory readers are nothing new, but when it comes to memory, and the markets revolving around it, you can always count on Crucial to have their hand in things. They recently announced a new product, the Crucial 6 in 1 Card Reader, which as the name implies, has the ability to read and write to six different memory types. They actually have several readers available, but we chose to look at their top-of-the-line reader.
Review Link : Viper's Lair

9700 Pro to 9800 Pro SoftMod & Catalyst Driver Comparison
Enthusiasts love a deal and what better deal is there than free! From time to time I get out from behind the front page and meander through my colleague's forums and front pages to see just what they are up to. In my "walkabout" I stumbled across a post showing how to softmod an ATI 9700 Pro to a 9800 Pro....for free! It's a no risk mod so why not? Along the way we tested out ATI's new Catalyst 3.2 drivers to see what they bring as well.
More at Icrontic

Building a Media PC
Ever wanted a PC to sit underneath your TV, that works as a TIVO, Divx Player, Web Surfer, Mp3 Player, DVD Player? Well our latest project shows you just what you need to build one of these little wonders for under $500.
More at Ascully

Nexland Pro400ADSL ISB/ADSL Modem Video Review
The Nexland Pro400ADSL is both a Internet Security Box and an ADSL modem packaged into one unit. This product offers security, excellent software features, front cable ports and has the option to go wireless. With all these features and more the Pro400ADSL is a great home or business network solution. Watch the Video to find out more.
Review Link : 3dGameMan

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