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Posted on Thursday, March 27 2003 @ 17:02 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Shuttle SN41G2
We talked with Shuttle about their nForce small form factor plans back at E3 in 2002. At the time we broke the news that Nvidia had canceled plans for a nForce 620 and nForce 615 chipset. The 620 was the chipset Shuttle had planned to base a small form factor on. That killed those plans, but sadly Shuttle didn't use the existing nForce 420 chipset. As a result small form factor fans had to wait roughly nine months for the only small form factor with a powerful enough chipset to allow the small systems to compete in performance and features with much larger systems. The nForce line of chipsets are easily the best chipset for a small form factor, and it is curious that it took so long, and baffling that only Shuttle has the smarts to use it.
Review Link : AMDZone

Enermax Thermal Control Panel
Enermax a company well known amongst computer enthusiasts for their high-end, high-quality power supplies and to a lesser extent, a line of premium computer cases; has followed the lead of a number of other companies in diversifying their product line.

Review Link : Systemcooling

Lian Li Silent PC-6070 PC Case
To own a Lian Li PC Case is to own the Cadillac of PC cases. Lian Li have taken the average and boring beige PC case and met it a work of aluminum art. Lian Li PC cases are tool-less, innovative and practical in their design. Now Lian Li jumps on the the silent road with the "Silent" PC-6070 mid-tower aluminum case.
Review Link : Icrontic

Hydor L30 320GPH Water Pump Review
OCAddiction checks out the Hydor L30 320GPH Water Pump for all you water cooling junkies out there. With water cooling setups becoming closer to mainstream everyday, you’ll want to assemble the best parts you can to maximize your cooling experience. Let’s see what the OCA Crew had to say about the Hydor L30.

“With the pump mounted at the bottom of the case, and secured with the suction cups, the install was a success. The pump is very quiet, and the suction cups seem to take the vibration of the pump to almost nothing. While I did not notice any improvement or decline in cooling, the size factor comes into play. The small footprint of the pump allows it to be mounted under the drive cage, and out of the way for any work that needs to be done inside the case.”

Review Link : OCA

Compro Poladyne Ti GeForce 4 Ti4200 AGP 8X VGA
Considering its price, Compro Poladyne is a fine choice for the average users. Poladyne offers Ti-4400 level of performance at Ti-4200 price. However, from our own testing and user feedbacks, Poladyne does not seem to be a great overclocker, a maximum of 3% increase for GPU and memory clock from the default setting.
Review Link : OCNZ

Music Match Jukebox 7.5
The music match comes with tons of features. Its not just an original cd/mp3 player, it also is an recorder, media player, cd creator, cd label maker, and you can play directly from the net with the online music tab. Now not only can you listen to music, but you can also burn them onto cd’s. If you’re a person who only burns music onto cd’s then why get other programs such as nero, or easy cd creator? This is all you need to do all of that. The recorder is easy to use and it has many options such as what format you want it to be, or what quality you want it to be. The online music tab was the best feature though (unless you have a 56k connection). Listen to all your favourite music without having to download any of it! And it was easy to find your favourite artist with the find artists by genre tab.
Review Link : Tech-Mods

Enermax CS-10182 Case
There are several rivals within the performance power supply industry. Enermax, Vantec, and Antec are all competing brands. They all produce power supplies comparable in performance. The Enermax EG651P-FMA puts out a bold 550 watts and comes with other features such as rheostat controlled fan. To house this power supply, we have received an incredible Enermax case. It’s fully loaded with all the features you can imagine! Let’s take a closer look

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

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