FairUse4WM WM/DRM removal program

Posted on Monday, August 28 2006 @ 0:43 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Engadget reports about FairUse4WM, a program that strips Windows Media DRM 10 and 11.
Engadget tried FairUse4WM and can verify that it quickly and easily stripped the DRM from our Napster To Go tracks, and made them freely available to play on our Mac (which, of course, has Flip4Mac installed). In other words, it's a simple, apparently lossless, one-step method for making your files playable after you're no longer paying fees on your subscription service. The app didn't work on our Vongo videos, but we can verify with all certainty that yes, Windows Media DRM can now be easily and quickly stripped from PlaysForSure media services.
You can download FairUse4WM over here.

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