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Posted on Saturday, March 29 2003 @ 18:22 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Thermal Compound Shootout
Thermal compounds or “TIM” (Thermal Interface Material) are compounds that are meant to fill in the “gaps” between the heatsink fan and the CPU die. Every surface has these air gaps and it is best to lap the heatsink for better metal-to-metal contact. However, nothing is perfect, even with lapping. Thus, thermal compounds come into play. It plays the role of filling microscopic air gaps that are within the CPU die and heatsink itself
Review Link : Modsynergy

UT 2003 Appliqué Review
Appliqués are window stickers that go on side windows or the side of your case itself. They bring personality, style and cool to your case. Since I am addicted to UT 2003, this adds personality to my case and what I like to do in my spare time. The package arrived undamaged and came with the appliqué itself. No instructions! However, you will find many instructions on the internet. It’s really easy to do
Review Link : Modsynergy

Bitspower Cold Cathodes Fluorescent Light Kit
You may have seen a UV Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light (CCFL)... but have you seen a TRI-COLOURED CCFL???" (Note from DVH : Yes we do )

Review Link : RojakPot

Steelpad 3S Mouse Pad Review
This is one of the more expensive mouse surfaces on the market and yet there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot to it. We’re going to give this a thorough workout over the next couple of days and see how it performs. I know many enjoy the thick plastic pads but I just am not a big fan as they tend to hurt my wrist. I was concerned about this one being made of hard metal and being uncomfortable too. Well it’s time to take a peek at it and see what we think.

The pad is manufactured and distributor outside of the US so you’ll need to find a vendor you trust or buy it directly. As soon as you see the package you know that many of the finest gamers out there have already said their peace about the surface. Quotes from sites and the big guy at CPL are sure ways to let people know you’re dealing with quality. It’s no wonder he had them printed on the box

Review Link : GruntVillE

Lamps Electronics Cold cathode fan grill
Well this is something fairly new that I have not seen much of in the modding scene. It's a cold cathode fan grill. Lamps Electronics were kind enough to send me a kit with the fan grill and a inverter for a review. We are going to see how well made it is, how bright it really can be, and also check how good it looks

Review Link : R&B Mods

Nikao Black KG8850 Series Case Review
The base of the bezel is what draws this unit apart from other economy models. Hidden behind a door are two USB 2.0 compliant USB ports, along with a microphone port and a speaker port. The pride and joy of the unit, of course, is the LCD display. Essentially a Compunurse with a better thermocouple attached to it, the unit will continuously monitor a given temperature as long as the system is powered. While MTB has reviewed a few cases with similar feature sets, the main downside of this display is that it is extremely low to the ground, comparatively speaking, as well as being difficult to read since it is slightly recessed and is not backlit.

Review Link : MTB

Albatron Ti4800SE Video Card Review
New video cards are popping up left and right, and with the 8x AGP technology now becoming more available and common, video card manufacturers are having to come up with new cards to take advantage of this new technology. Today we will be looking at Albatron's Ti4800SE, which is really just a Ti4400 card with 8x AGP capabilities. Now lets see how she scores out.
Review Link : ReviewNation

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