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Posted on Monday, March 31 2003 @ 16:07 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Shuttle Modding Article
For my dedicated games server for LANs, I decided a Shuttle would be the best option because of portability, space, and weight. I chose the SK41G which is an AMD model and includes an AGP card

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Flexiglow Cold Cathode Kits
In a market that is swamped with cold cathodes, can Flexiglow make themselves stand out? And is it enough for you to buy their product? You'll need to read to find out

Review Link : ASE Labs

Vantec Stealth 470W PSU
If you're running a fast CPU, a modern video card, RAID array, and a half dozen case fans, you need power, and lots of it. Quality is important to, and we take a look at a near perfect solution.

"The voltages are pretty good across the board. The 3.3 is nice and high, as is the 5v in both load and idle. The 12v doesn't ever reach the 12v mark, but still remains high enough to not be a worry. All the voltages, despite the system drawing as much power as it can remain nice and high throughout"
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Cenatek Rocket Drive Solid State Disk 1GB HD
OCAddiction takes a look at the Cenatek Rocket Drive Solid State Disk 1GB HD. Slowly but surely gaining popularity and dropping in price OCAddiction puts one on the test bench to see if it deserves a spot in your PC. Here’s a quote from the review.
“This drive is simply intriguing to PC Enthusiasts for many reasons. First, it uses PC133 SDRAM that can be obtained rather cheaply and easily. Second, imagine having a few of your favorite or most used programs loaded on the Rocket Drive and seeing a drastic decrease in load times and obvious increases in performance anytime storage access comes into play. The drive is as simple of an item as you may suspect. Simply a PCI card with 4 sticks of SDRAM installed.”

Review Link : OCA

Antec LANBoy
When you are looking for a case that is easily mobile, but also easy on the pocket book this case is a no brainer. The Antec LANBoy retails online for around $85 which by itself is relatively inexpensive, but then remember you also get the Antec SmartBlue 350watt power supply that retails online for $65 alone!...
Review Link : Legit Reviews

The announcement of Dual Channel DDR for the Pentium 4 was no doubt a thriller. The E7205 chipset (otherwise known as Granite Bay) is a direct attempt to provide the bandwidth of the 850 chipset, while abandoning the infamous RAMBUS. The 850 chipset was an incredible performer; in fact, it has proved to out-perform every chipset in memory bandwidth up until recently. Nevertheless, the price, and the availability of PC1066 RDRAM has made the flagship Pentium chipset out of reach for most users. The Granite Bay chipset combines the affordability and popularity of DDR, and the memory bandwidth of the RAMBUS equipped 850 chipsets. Although designated for workstation use, the Granite Bay chipset will surely be the base of gaming, and enthusiast systems

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

Antec LANboy
In the past Antec cases were known for its sturdy structure and great features, but they weren't the smallest ones around & surely not the lighest either. They still remain first class in the midi/maxi towers, but now they also have a new product up their sleeve for the LANparty folk. Aptly named the "Antec Lanboy", ultra-light and packed with nifty features. We test its portability, easy of use and of course the performance!

Review Link : Madshrimps

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