Samsung YP-K5 first look

Posted on Saturday, September 02 2006 @ 1:47 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Gizmodo had a quick look at the new Samsung YP-K5 digital audio player. It features 4GB memory and features built-in speakers.
For a 4GB player, it's kinda chunky. The magnesium case is almost three times as thick as a nano, even though it has a slightly bigger footprint. But you would too if you had speakers built into your ass, mounted on sliding rails. I think I remember hearing that they're 1.5 watts, total. How loud are they? You know when there's some asshole talking on his cellphone in the library, and you just tell him to shut the hell up? It's about that loud, except it's not annoying. It's fucking great. Flipping on the EQ's 3D mode drew a soundscape I thought came from stereo speakers about a foot apart when I closed my eyes and gave a listen.
It will be available on September 10. The 2GB version is priced at $210 and the 4GB version goes for $260. You can check it out over at Gizmodo.

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