Five ways to boost your Wi-Fi antenna

Posted on Sunday, September 03 2006 @ 3:43 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Gizmodo presents 5 ways to peak your Wi-Fi network:
1. Go Parabolic If you can do without the unidirectional spread of an access point, and know exactly where you want to point your data stream, go parabolic. Biggest and baddest is the Radiolabs Stage 1 parabolic Antenna. It's $240, without the appropriate adapter. But once you replace the finger-sized antenna on your hotspot with one of these badboys, the you'll gain 23db of signal boost which is good for over 64 times the power over a regular antenna. It's 27-inches wide, and rated to stand up to 130MPH winds, so its definitely going to piss off the significant other if you mount it in the livingroom...unless you disguise it as a chandelier or piece of modern art..
You can check it ou tover here.

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