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Posted on Friday, April 04 2003 @ 14:04 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Antec Lanboy case
As LAN parties become more popular, people want to be able to attend without having to carry a large and heavy computer case. This is one of the reasons we have seen so many people migrating to small light weight cases and small form factor computer systems. In the LANBOY, Antec chose to target the small light weight case segment.

Review Link : PimpRig

TT-300ss Silent PSU
Today we will be checking out the TT-300ss Silent PSU. This power supply packs a good 320 watts, which is higher than average for most people. One of the notable features of this psu is that it is very quiet. It includes 2 very quiet fans. I couldn't even hear them over my case fans, yet it is enough to keep the psu cool.

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

Keypad Security for your PC
As I was punching a keypad at work I started thinking, “Man I wish I was at home on the couch…” Enough about that though. I was also thinking it would be cool to use a keypad to power on my computer. I remembered seeing keypads that installed on home doors, so I started to research that. I then went to electric gate keypads. All of these options were just plain too expensive! I then stumbled on garage door opener keypads… PERFECT!

Review Link :

Bean Tech's Igloo 9 Aluminum Case Review
Bean Tech's Igloo 9, a cool sounding name with great looks. An all aluminum case that I think is one of the best on the market. This case is stylish and rugged and has a ton of features. The engineers at Bean Tech really had their thinking caps on when they designed this case. I was totally impressed as you will be. You will be kicking youself if you miss this one!

Review Link : Furioustech

EverCool WC-101 water cooled heatsink
Review Link : A1-Electronics

Labtec Spin 50 Speaker Review
In terms of computer audio, users can usually be divided up into two categories; those who play games and listen to MP3s, and those who are complete audiophiles, with all the 5.1 surround sound and subwoofers to go along with it. Audiophiles can't understand how people settle for onboard sound and two piece speaker systems, and non-audiophiles fail to see the wisdom in huge speaker systems with gold connectors. One thing that both can agree on, however, is that free is good. Free rocks! The speakers I have for review today cost me $0. The best part? If you live in the USA, chances are that you can get them free too if you buy within the week! The next best part? These speakers deliver enough clear and crisp sound at a good volume to be worth paying for, but you still don't have to pay!

Review Link : ExtensionTech

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