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Posted on Wednesday, April 09 2003 @ 18:53 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

NextCool WaterCube GT3 Review
The copper base of the unit is fixed to the painted brass top by means of four hex screws. I opted not to break the seal on the unit prior to testing, so the internal layout is unclear. The unit does identify the inlet and outlet by means of printed text. While the outlet is in a fairly standard location, the inlet has a rather odd placement, being just off center at the extreme side of the block. This lies in stark contrast with the majority of high-performance blocks which place the inlet directly above the center of the block, allowing the coolant to hit the CPU core first, maximizing thermal transfer.

Review Link : MTB

Logitech Z-640 5.1 stereo speaker system
The Logitech Z-640's create sound that is much better than I would have expected from a $70 set of speakers... On top of the admirable performance, the Z-640s are also very attractive. Logitech has designed stylish enclosures for the Z-640s that will look great in any environment

Review Link : BigBruin

KG8850 computer case
This is the latest offering from TRADEX Information Technology, the KG8850 computer case. For those ecomony minded people out there, this steel case has lots of room inside and is fairly stylish! It has it's good points and bad points, so you will have to read on and find out what I thought of this case. Could this be the new home for your compuiter parts? You will have to read for yourself.

Review Link : FuriousTech

"Angel Mods" dual CCFL fan grill review has been able to review every type of lighted fan that has so far been commercially available with the exception of a CCFL lighted fan, our latest review is about to change that. I have seen single ring CCFL fans for sale on the net, honestly CCFL fans are nothing new. This product has a slight upper hand though in that it has two CCFL rings. The package states that it will "Give your fan halos", it's called an Angel Mod and as far as I know SVC is the only site to offer them.

Review Link : CaseModGod

Muffled Computing Fan Mufflers Video Review
The Muffled Computing Fan Mufflers and Foam Kits allow your otherwise loud computer a significant degree of quietness. With coolers needing faster fans to keep powerful CPU's cool and Power Supplies with two or more fan and then there's case fans which equals a lot of noise. Thankfully these products help kill most of this annoying noise. Watch the Video to find out more.
VideoReview Link : 3dGameMan

ABIT has been a longstanding provider of quality retail products. More specifically, they are a longstanding provider of quality overclocking products. Their much hyped BH7 board has landed on our test beds, and hopefully this 845PE product will continue to meet the enthusiast’s standards. The BH7 is built around the idea that minimalist features results in maximal performance. Nary a RAID controller, nor support for IEEE 1394 (firewire) can be seen. Contrary to some of the ABIT Max series, the BH7 has the traditional PS/2, serial, and parallel ports

Review Link : Nexus HW

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