A look at AMD's quad-core roadmap

Posted on Monday, September 18 2006 @ 2:34 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer unfolds the whole AMD quad-core story.
THERE HAS BEEN a lot of conflicting info coming out about AMD, quad cores and its 65 nanometre process. To clear this all up, I dug up the info the old fashioned way, I asked AMD. So, directly from the horse's mouth, here is the info on all the hot AMD topics.

The QC parts are rumoured to be coming in Q2/07, Q4/07 and Q1/08, and are said to be both the old and the new cores. Some people call the Q2 part K8L, others call the Q4/Q1 parts the same, but since AMD has no product called K8L, that is kind of speculative.

So, which story is right, and what timetable is it on? The short version is that all QC parts are the new core, Rev H, any stories to the contrary, including mine, are wrong. That said, the timelines, all three of them, are correct. There are two new cores coming from AMD, and three times for introductions..
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