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Posted on Tuesday, April 15 2003 @ 16:21 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Dave Brown’s Heatsink Lapping Kit Review
Both your CPU core and the base of your heatsink have millions of microscopic peaks and valleys that are obviously not visible to the naked eye. The heat that rises from the core of your CPU gets absorbed by your heatsink, and then as the heat continues to rise through the heatsink it is dissipated by the fan. The more contact your CPU core makes with the heatsink, the more thermal energy it will be able to transfer in it, and as a result your CPU stays cool.

Guide Link : ExtensionTech

Matrix Orbital MX212
The next couple of projects we worked on dealt with the high powered GPO’s. After connecting the 12v floppy drive connector coming from the PSU and ensured that the jumper on the LK202-24-USB was set to 12v and not 5v we connected a few CCFL lights to the 12v GPO’s and a few LED’s to the 5v GPO’s. Once this was completed we booted up our system and did a little testing to ensure things were working fine. After the install was completed and things were checking out properly we configured the LK202-24-USB to flash the CCFL lights with one button push, then to keep them on solid with a second button push, and then finally turn them off with a final push. We also configured the LED’s to turn on once our CPU reached a certain temp (46c). Of course, we also settled with a few plug-ins of choice, those being Motherboard Monitor 5, and Winamp 3..

Review Link : MonkeyReview

CritiCool PowerPlant PCI Relay Card & WaterPlant Reservoir Review
One of the new unique products released by CritiCool Solutions is a new PCI Relay Card called the PowerPlant. The purpose of the PowerPlant is to act as a standard solid state relay to switch AC based current into conventional DC current. The relay allows 12 volt powered devices such as fans, controllers, and internal coolers to feed DC devices directly. By default this product can handle power conversions for 110VAC/220VAC and includes a 12v external power cable, two position toggle switch and an external 4-pin Molex connector for powering fans outside of a case.

Review Link : MTB

Abit BH7 Motherboard (Socket 478) Video Review
The Abit BH7 Motherboard is based upon Intel's 845PE chipset which means many great features. These features include; 6 channel audio, S/PDIF IN/OUT, USB2, LAN, SATA and more. Also this motherboard is fantastic at overclocking and has the ability to reach 800 MHz FSB. Pushing everything to the max is one thing but it's also very stable and performs extremely well. Watch the Video to find out more..
VideoReview Link : 3dGameMan

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