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Posted on Tuesday, April 15 2003 @ 16:42 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

The 3DMark Tuning Guide – Part 1
Go to any online forum where computer performance is discussed, and it's almost a sure bet you will see a great deal of discussion revolving around Futuremark Corporation's video card benchmark programs 3DMark2001SE, and it's newest brethren, 3DMark2003. The programs' legendary popularity comes in part because of the ability users have to upload their test results to Futuremark's online database and compare those results to those of users around the world. Competition is fierce, and users often go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their own ultimate 3DMark score
More at Systemcooling

Antec Sonata case review
With every site reviewing the Antec LANBOY, we went off on a tangent and delivered the goods on their Sonata – a case targeted at those that want peace and quiet with a sprinkling of fashion care. The Sonata does just that, it’s quiet and doesn’t impact your style. Here’s a snip:

“The icy blue glow emanating from the front decoration is very soothing. It changes from a muted blue when you look at it on an angle, to a piercing blue when viewed head-on. This case is made for people who don’t care about windows, funky neon tubes, and any other gaudy aesthetics. The deep black finish and blue glow appeals to the user who’s a little more mature, maybe to those who have grown out of the wild colored mods and fancy windows. This case makes a statement and at first glance, you really underestimate its beauty. The beauty of the Antec Sonata is in its simplicity.”

Review Link : EnvyNews

BeanTech BT-82 Acrylic case
As far back as I can remember people have been fascinated with how things tick. Does anyone remember the visible V8, it basically was a plastic model that after finished you could turn a crank and watch all the inner workings of a V8 Engine, you could see everything from the crankshaft moving the pistons on the compression and exhaust strokes and the cam moving the lifters and valves. This was a great way to explain how an internal combustion engine worked and it was cool as hell. Today I will not be reviewing the visible V8, but if anyone knows where I can get one let me know. Today we will be looking at the BeanTech BT-82 acrylic case. I have wanted an acrylic case ever since I saw one for the first time at a computer trade show in the bay area a few years ago. I was ecstatic when BeanTech told me they where sending me one. Everyday I was waiting impatiently for the UPS guy to bring me my ultimate case window.

Review Link : CyberCPU

AMS gBOX Blue P4 Aluminum Barebone System Review
Proof is in the pudding and we have quite a tasty treat with XBLADE Cooling Technology. Not only is the XBLADE fairly quiet, it has a relatively small footprint thereby taking up as little room as possible in the tiny gBOX Blue SFF P4 Aluminum Barebone System. AMS has gone the extra mile to include everything you'd need in a great little system, and also given us great CPU and system cooling with the P4 Akura Blue HSF and XBLADE Cooling Technology. As these types of systems get smaller and smaller, companies must get even more resourceful to find ways of proper cooling. AMS is definitely headed in the right direction.

Review Link : OCA

Lian Li PC75
The rear view of the case below shows the glow of the UV sensitive fans quite clearly. I like the layout of the case. The two exhaust fans below the power supply and the two above the power supply were modded by So-Trick. I wanted the stock fan exhaust grills cut out to a clean 80mm hole. In my opinion this looks much better and provides less obstruction for exhaust from the fans.

Review Link : OCIA

Zippy EL-610 Super Slim Luminescent Keyboard Review
I thought long and hard about this....who would be interested in this keyboard? Lan Party goers, maybe someone that uses a laptop frequently and prefers a smaller keyboard, folks with smaller hands. I'm not really sure what type of users this keyboard was geared towards and feel it's more of a novelty item really
Review Link : 3dXtreme

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