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Posted on Wednesday, April 16 2003 @ 7:27 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Intel Canterwood (875P) and Corsair RAM
We just received a bit of information from Corsair about which type of RAM to choose for the new Intel Canterwood (875P) chipset. While this is not great in detail, it contains some guidelines for you to follow, and we think this could prove to be useful for those of you concidering purchasing one of these new motherboards. Read on to find out more.
More at DWPG

Ever watched a PC2700 DDR SDRAM DIMM go 412MHz? You might, if you have a Crucial PC2700 DDR SDRAM DIMM! Check out our definitive review of this amazing memory module!

Review Link : Rojakpot

Being ATI's feature rich flagship videocard, the ALL-in-Wonder Radeon 9700 pro encompasses everything that the gaming enthusiast, multimedia professional and/or everyday computer user desires. It performs great out of the box and practically will handle any game out there with ease. Factor the great gaming in with a multimedia suite second to none, and you have the recipe for the perfect videocard.

Review Link : TweakNews

The MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X currently features a price tag of US ~$175 on the internet, and for that price you get one of the best bundles on the market! No two cards are ever the same, but we experienced performance above the faster and more expensive Ti4800 when the MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X was overclocked to its peak timings. When looking at the price to performance ratio the MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X really delivers when you look at the bundle and performance.
Review Link : LegitReviews

Sunbeam AC-B Clear and Blue Acrylic Case
You’ve probably seen one of these before at your local LAN Parties. There a joy to look at, and are sure to attract many an onlooker like moths to a flame. Many of us however, only get to see these cases at their best, on display. Actually owning one can be a whole different story. Today I’ll be taking you through the trials and tribulations of Sunbeam Tech’s AC-B Acrylic case..

Review Link : GruntVillE

Leadtek A280TD MyVIVO GeForce4 Ti-4800SE 128MB VGA
At stock, Leadtek A280TD is just another Ti-4800SE GFX card, with the exception of an excellent heatsink. The 280TD truly shines when one overclocks it, reaching a speed (320C/660M) greater than a stock Ti-4800 card. The heatsink is another strong selling point of A280TD. It can handle the heat output from the overclocked GPU (320MHz) in prolonged gaming sessions, i.e. around 4 hours of non-stop action.
Review Link : OCZN

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