ATI RD600 development a nightmare

Posted on Thursday, September 21 2006 @ 4:15 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer says the development of ATI's RD600 chipset for the Intel platform is going to hell.
IF YOU are developing a RD600 board you are definitely getting more headaches than with any other chipset before. Intel doesn’t want to provide any support for the chipset as it doesn't produce, it while ATI is getting under sourced on this project. We heard that motherboard manufacturers - at least some of them - are backing off the RD600. The partners complain about support as it takes ages to resolve even the smallest problem. ATI simply has limited sources for this project and its new owner AMD won't devote too many people to a doomed project.

Technically, Intel has a beef with the RD600 as it is even faster and better overclocker than Intel's own flagship 975 chipset. Luckily for Intel, there won't be many boards based on this chipset and it looks like the motherboard manufacturers won't be eager for ATI's possible future Intel chipsets either.
More details over here.

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