Thursday News bits part 2

Posted on Thursday, April 17 2003 @ 4:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

FujiFilm FinePix 2650 Digital Camera
Today I’ll be looking at what is probably the most popular digital device, a digital camera. No longer do you have to wonder if you had your eyes closed when that flash went off. No longer do you have to wait for the pictures to be processed and no longer do you have to worry if those naughty pictures you took with your intimate other might be seen by that weirdo at the one hour processing center.

Review Link : Systemcooling

MSI 655 Max-FISR SiS 655 chipset Intel Pentium 4 motherboard
For those of you looking for an Intel Pentium 4 motherboard that offers you high-quality, overclocking options and plenty of features then this MSI 655 Max-FISR motherboard has got to be up on your list.
For all the MSI 655 Max-FISR motherboard has going for it, its performance, overclocking, features and price we are going to award this 3 of our Gold Medals. Well done MSI
Review Link : A1 Electronics

Cremax Icy Dock Bodyguard525 Review
The front of the Icy Dock Bodyguard525 features a black and silver trimmed LCD panel that slides to the right revealing a fan speed adjustment and temperature probe selector switch. One thing that was apparent is that fingers do not easily manipulate both the knob and switch since both options are recessed into the device. A small screw driver or flat thin object is needed to adjust the fan speed or select the temperature.

Review Link : MTB

Albatron PX845PEV-800
Albatron PX845PE-800 supports varios types of memory, that are PC2100/ DDR266, PC2700/ DDR333, and PC3200/ DDR400. Initially, Intel 845 chipset officialy supports memory timing up to DDR333 only. DDR400 are only used when you are planning to overclock the CPU or used it to pair up together with the new Prescott processor.
Review Link : myWORLD Hardware

Albatron MX480 Video Card
Albatron the makers of some great motherboards also make excellent video cards based on NVIDIA's GeForce 4 cores. They make cards based on the Ti cores and also the MX cores. This review is going to focus on the MX480 which is basically a MX440 but with AGP 8X hence the name MX480. And if you are familiar with the video card world you know that the MX core is the budget card and is not the screaming video card that crushes all 3D benchmarks. But how well can this budget card really perform? Well in the following review I hope to answer your questions about how good this budget card is, let's have a look shall we..
Review Link : ReviewNation

Lian Li Aquarium Side Panel Review
Ok when I was first asked if I wanted to review this Aquarium side panel my first reaction was WHAT?? Then after a bit of detective work I found out what it was an aquarium side panel for your Lian Li! But how do you review a side panel with some water and some plastic fish in it? I mean really... has the case modding scene gone over the edge? Turns out that there was a lot more than just a panel with plastic fish in it, so without further ado here is my review of the very unique Lian Li WA-658 aquarium side panel..
Review Link : ReviewNation

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