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Posted on Friday, April 18 2003 @ 14:39 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Only 12 Days Left In The Contest @ DeezTech
Hello, this is a reminder to all that the DeezTech banner design contest will be expiring in 12 days, April 30th, 2003 to be exact. There is still plenty of time to send in your submissions for your chance to win $100 USD. We have already received 8 submissions and as it looks now there is 8 to 1 odds to win the contest. That's pretty damn good odds, but don't let those bastards win so easily. Make it hard for them. Enter the contest!!! All you have to do is design a 1024x100 banner.
Contest time at DeezTech

PCXMods X-Trac Zoom Optical Mouse Pad Review
The new X-Trac Zoom Optical Mouse Pad measures approximately 8.5" x 11", which should give most people plenty of pad space for mouse movement. The dimensions of this design also means that this product will still take up a fair amount of real estate on your desk. The pattern inside each of the hexagons has been printed in a random dot pattern to eliminate cursor fade and jitter. The hexagons and the random dot pattern on the Zoom are approximately 1/3 larger than the HS Pro.

Review Link : MTB

Project Black Qube - A Step Further
It's been 3 years since I started VH and modding my very first case, the AOpen HX08 Project back in April 2000. Eversince then, I've been modding quite a lot, be it for my personal use or for friends or family members. The modding scene/community has also grown from the select few or underground to a more mainstream scene. And amongst the community, there has been a lot of modders who have stand out with their creations and innovative ideas. There's too many to mention but know this, I certainly respect them for their ideas and creativity and at times, they have inspired my mods as well. And amongst these elite group, there are some who go all the way and created their own cases, from scratch. Building from the ground up certainly takes a lot of planning and skill and the people in these group are the ones that are at the forefront of the modding scene. After so long, I too have decided to move on to building my own case and taking another step in the journey of mods. I didn't want to start with something big, seeing how this is gonna be my first attempt. So I decided to build the case around a Micro-ATX motherboard. They're small enough and with the right components, can deliver enough punch for an average gamer like me. So without further a due, I present you Project Black Qube.

More at V-H

pcToys Breeze Maxx Personal Cooling Fan
I'd just like to start off with thanking pcToys for sending us this sample to take a look at. For some reason the Breeze Maxx isn't even listed on their site as of now. The packaging is simple and comes with a silver USB cable to connect to the cable, which you'll read about in the next paragraph. The back highlights the features of this cool lookin' fan. The front lists seven instructions although the average Neanderthal could figure out this fan.

Review Link : WinHQ

Chieftech FS710
This case is designed for experienced computer enthusiasts, but Chieftec kept modders in mind when designing this chassis. Overall the case is big and rugged, but fits a modest budget. Weighing in at nearly 30 pounds (actually 29.4 lbs) it's heavier than it's aluminum cousin, but costs about half the price. The spacious interior will fit just about any Pentium or AMD ATX motherboard up to 12" wide x 13" tall.

Review Link : HardCoreMods (They just launched today by the way)

Innos GeForce FX 5200 graphics board
For a card that has 250 clock and 400 memory it is going from strength to strength. At the start of the review I was saying that this card would only be good for casual gamers. Now after running some intesive graphical games on it and not forgetting that the Ti4200 card has a higher memory speed I am absolutely asstounded ! I did not expect this kind of performance from the card whatsoever. It is the low end card from the new FX range and it can do this, its pretty amazing.
Review Link : PC Tech Zone

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