Portable Media Player video quality compared

Posted on Saturday, September 30 2006 @ 13:14 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ExtremeTech checked out the video quality of a couple of mp3 and portable media players: the Apple iPod, Creative Zen Vision:M, Epson P-4000, Cowon A2, and Archos 604.
The original audio-only portable MP3 players have rapidly evolved into multimedia devices that include a color display for navigating on-screen menus with colorful wallpaper backgrounds, looking at slide shows of digital photos, and most recently, watching movies and TV shows. And if a TV is available, most of them will display everything on the big screen with their TV Out capability. But, how good are these tiny screens? Are they toys, pretentious devices, or high-quality displays that can produce excellent picture quality comparable with your HDTV or computer monitor?
Check it out over here.

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