AMD K8L processors to have Dynamic I/O bus

Posted on Thursday, October 05 2006 @ 16:18 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
HKEPC unveils the upcoming AMD K8L processors will have a dynamic I/O bus:
For the next-generation HyperTransport 3.0, which is implemented in the upcoming AMD K8L processor, its running speed is no longer fixed, but proportional to the CPU’s clock speed. HyperTransport supports up to 2.6GHz working speed, which allows for a maximum data rate of 5.2GT/s (20.8GB/s), 2.6x faster than the previous version. Yet it’s the maximum value, meaning nothing to the real situation. In real, its working speed would be 75% of the processor’s core speed, according to the specification of K8L. Taking a 2.8GHz K8L processor as an example, the HyperTransport would run at 2.8x75% = 2.1GHz, providing a maximum data rate of 2.1 x 2 = 4.2GT/s (16.8GB/s). In principle, we need a 3.5GHz processor to utilize all the bandwidth of the new HyperTransport.

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