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Posted on Monday, April 28 2003 @ 12:16 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Albatron PX845PEV-800 Anniversary Special Edition
With the recent introduction of the Canterwood chipset, the limelight that was once on the 845PE boards has shifted. However, the shift has also been accompanied by a very large increase in price, an increase that the majority of enthusiasts just aren't willing to pay. Following a similar tactic as ABIT, the Albatron PX845PEV-800 is equipped with the bare minimum. Raid, onboard audio, and firewire are all absent from this board. This helps to keep costs down, as well as provide a great overclocking platform.

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9200 Review
It's been a while since ATI’s spring line-up was announced, and its taken even longer for them to come to market. While Radeon 9800 PRO’s were reviewed in early March, but only made available in April, and 9600 PRO’s have only recently been seen, oddly it’s the low end Radeon 9200’s that have taken the longest to break cover. Today, however, courtesy of Sapphire we take a look at the very entry level of ATI’s Spring line up with a review of the Sapphire Atlantis 9200 64MB.

"In comparison to the Radeon 9000 PRO we see that the 9200 Sapphire board is relatively simplified with few components on it. The board itself is only marginally lower profile than the 9000 PRO boards, but the DVI and VGA connections are the opposite way around. Although the core is running at 250MHz, only 25MHz lower than the 9000 PRO, ATI and Sapphire feel that it produces sufficiently low heat output that passive cooling only is warranted, however it would be advisable not to touch it when in use!"
Review Link : Beyond3D

Dtek TC-4 water block
So here we are again, with another uniquely designed water block. It sports a poly top, copper base, and half-inch fittings. But the real shocker lies within, using spiral springs to stir the water around for better turbulence and performance. The Dtek TC-4 Rev. 2 is a very impressive-looking piece of engineering. It is very easy to install, after removal of the motherboard, and sports ribs on the channel walls as better copper turbulators and for increased water-to-copper contact area.

Review Link : IpKonfig

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