Teens download illegal music because they can't buy the legal versions?

Posted on Monday, October 09 2006 @ 5:13 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
PC World writes one of the reasons why teens download so much illegal music could be because they don't have credit cards to sign up for legal music download services:
Industry leaders have dismissed these issues as the consequence of being in a transitional period. Still, one has to wonder whether they've forgotten the core audience they were trying to appeal to through the rise of these legitimate solutions. A February 2006 CRIA/Pollara study found that 13-17 year olds were both the most likely to pirate and the most likely to own a portable MP3 player. It is uniquely difficult for minors to obtain legitimate MP3s.

The biggest and most obvious hurdle for teenagers is the unlikelihood that they own a credit card. Without one, a teen is effectively blocked from purchasing MP3s legally at any online venue. As MP3s are virtually all exclusively purchased online, this creates a severe problem. An adult with a credit card could buy music in their stead and pass the tunes to them. However, that would technically violate the contract terms of many of these services.
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