YouTube vs Google Video vs MSN Soapbox

Posted on Tuesday, October 10 2006 @ 16:16 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
I found a comparison of the image quality between Google Video, YouTube and MSN's new Soapbox on a Flemish blog from Luc Van Braekel.

The videos from Soapbox and YouTube show exactly the same interview with Ann Coulter from FOX News and the video from Google Video shows a similar piece which also comes from FOX News.

It's pretty interesting to see the difference in quality between the three videos. After comparing them I say MSN Soapbox definitely has the best video quality. Google Video follows and YouTube gets the third spot. YouTube is the most popular video service but the video quality clearly lacks behind the other two, especially when you compare it to MSN's Soapbox which offers a much sharper and clearer image. However, MSN Soapbox isn't widely used yet so it's possible Microsoft will sacrifice some of the quality in the future to save bandwidth.

MSN Soapbox:


Google Video:

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