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Posted on Tuesday, May 06 2003 @ 10:53 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

HardCoreMods has a few howtos
File Caching Improvement (Win98, WinME, Win95 OSR2) (Quick!)
Shorter End Task Timeout (WinXP, Win98, WinME, Win95 OSR2) (Quick!)
Speed Up the Start Menu (WinXP, Win98, WinME, Win95 OSR2) (Quick!)
Seperate Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer (WinXP, Win98, WinME) (Quick!)
Basic BIOS Tweaks (Quick!)
Link : HardCoreMods

ATi Radeon 9500 Pro
As much as everyone would like a top-of-the-line card, the reality is most people will probably have to settle for something cheaper. Cheaper doesn't have to mean suck-ass though.

"I was not able to overclock the 9500 Pro, at least not unless I did a BIOS flash. Considering my budget, and the fact that I purchased this card on my own dime, flashing the BIOS with a hack on a video card isn't something I had much desire in doing."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

modded CSX-7788KEB case from MaxTop
Overall the case is a winner and a great value!. It is affordable and attractive. To find a case with this low price with this quality and with a power supply and custom lighting installed isn't an easy feat.
There are plenty of options available from Maxtop and other suppliers to customize this case for your personal preference. Some of you may not like the glow from the front panel lights so you'll probably be pleased in knowing that even when off they give a nice effect.

Review Link : PCAbusers

Cremax Moble Hard Drive Racks Video Review
The Cremax Mobile Hard Drive Racks are available in a few different models but all are excellent for transporting data. Thankfully even large ATA Hard Drives are getting much cheaper and therefore it makes a very affordable removable solution. Also, Cremax offers USB2 models which means it doesn't tie up another IDE connection but still offers fast transfer speeds. Watch the Video to find out more
Review Link : 3dGameMan

Plextor PX-504a
During the last year we have seen price drops in DVD writers that have made them more available to the general public. DVD media has many uses including mass storage and video editing because of its large capacity (4.6 GB). A number of companies are competing with each other to become the best in the DVD writing field. As we all know, Plextor has been crowned by many people as the king of CD writing, will it be able to hold it’s title with DVD writing?

Review Link : Blynk

EluminiX Illuminated Keyboard Review
Overall we found the EluminiX illuminated keyboard to be a solid product and a very high quality keyboard. The illumination is great for late night surfing or gaming and just looks damn cool!
Review Link : 3dXtreme

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